Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to remove fake eyelashes

Many girls have neglected the steps to removing those fake eyelashes. This is important as long term tearing off the fake eyelashes will damage your eyelids! None of you would want to have saggy eyelids or sensitive eyelids right?

So... when you want to remove your fake eyelashes, always remember not to PULL it out!

- Use an eye and lip makeup remover!
- Put a suitable amount on a piece of facial cotton wool and gently press on your eyes.
- Hold on for 1 minute or so and press downwards as you remove your eyeshadow/fake eyelashes.

In this way, you can remove both youre eyeshadow and eyelashes together in a less painful manner. On top of that, you get to reuse your fake eyelashes because if won't be as damaged as being pulled out of your eyelid. =)

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