Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zhiffy Photography is on Urban!

I was browsing through Facebook and Hey! I see something really familiar. Our dear Shavonne is on Urban!!!! Yay! She is a really talented photographer. Worked with her a few times and I LOVE her Works! And look! She chose to feature a work she and myself did for Sheena's final project. Niceee!!! =D At this rate, our dear Shavonne will be FAMOUS!! And I wish her all the best! She will definitely do well in this industry with her talent and bubbly personality! =D Jiayou girl!
<- Photo: Zhiffy Photography, Makeup/Hair: ME! (Hehhh)
Dress/Model: Sheena

Urban Feature 2

Not my favourite picture cause the lighting ain't the most ideal for me. But oh well! :) Really glad to have met the couple! Really nice and cute couple! Thanks Imran!