Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to maintain good condition skin?

Drink lots of water. It’s an oldie, but it still remains true. Make sure you get your daily intake of water! If you have trouble, try filling up a large jug or thermos of water and keep it by you at all times — you’re more likely to drink it if it’s staring you in the face!

Wear sunscreen everyday. The best policy is to invest in a light sunscreen (e.g. SPF15) for everyday usage, and just get used to having that as a step in your everyday routine–like brushing teeth or showering. It is also a good idea to have a stronger sunscreen (e.g. SPF30+) to use for days when you know you will have increased exposure to sun. You also want to ensure your sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVB, because both can cause problems later in life! Even cloudy days, driving, etc. can cause you to be exposed to harsh rays, so sunscreen everyday!

Cleanse your face regularly and ensure you remove ALL makeup. It is important to wash your face on a daily basis, even if you don’t wear makeup, because throughout the day your face does get dirty in some aspect. If you go outside, dust and dirt particles may have settled into your face. Make sure when you cleanse your face, you do a thorough job of removing your makeup, too. Residual makeup can rest in pores and on the skin’s surface, clogging it or preventing daily renewal. It’s good to have a package of makeup removing wipes in the house, just because if you ever get lazy or dead-tired, you can opt for using one of those instead of your regular cleansing regimen (not a substitute, but I recognize that we all have days when we just cannot seem to bring ourselves to do things!).

Reduce or remove bad habits from your life, like excessive drinking, smoking, and tanning. Both drinking and smoking can ravage the skin over the time, and reducing both or quitting will serve you well both bodily and skin-wise. Tanning, whether it is in a booth or from the sun, is not at all advisable, especially if you don’t use sunscreen to do it. There are so many self-tanners and sprays these days that you can get your glow without harming your skin in the process.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Kevin Chou's Tips

Hey girls, I chance upon this article in Urban today and I feel i should share. They are tips by Make-Up Guru Kevin Chou of Taiwan. Hope you enjoy reading it. =)
  • Putting a few drops of eyedrop solution on a cotton bud and dab at inflamed pimples can help minimise the redness
  • Use products with light-reflecting particles (shimmering) to highlight the centre of your face (T-zone/cheekbones). This will give a contouring effect and help achieve the look of healthy, glowing skin
  • Blush from mineral make-up lines will always have earthy tones, if blush in hot pink or pastel is touted as mineral makeup, chances are it is not.
  • For Asians, always curl your lashes before applying mascara. Holding the brush horixontally, apply mascara to the roots of your lashes first and let the coat dry. This props up the lashes and prevents smudging.
  • Wait for mascara smudges to dry before cleaning the mass as it becomes powdery after it is dried, which makes it easier to lift off the skin with cotton bud without smearing.
  • Many Asians have inner double eyelids, making eyeliner disappear unless you draw a very thick line. Doing that will make your eyes look smaller, so just stick to mascara.
The confidence that comes from having good make-up, is something every woman should enjoy as a part of your everyday life.