Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eyebrow Tips

Some women has simply overlooked the importance of having well-groomed brows. Some thinks that as long as I don't have unibrows, I'm fine. No way! Or even, what if I have no more eyebrows after I plucked them?! Not true. It is important to have well-groomed brows! It acts as a frame to your face and eyes. With beautiful sparkling eyes and unkept brows, it is such a pity as the brows would have been a distraction to those beautiful eyes.

Let me share some tips on having well-grommed brows

  1. If you have never plucked your eyebrow before, see a professional
  2. Becareful about the distance between the eyebrows and the length of the brows
  3. You do not need thin, perfectly shaped elongated and finely drawn eyebrows now.
  4. Natural looking eyebrows are IN. However, natural does not mean unkept. Natural means eyebrows with shape and no stray hairs around your eye area.
  5. Brush your brows if the hairs are messy.
  6. Use eyebrow powder for fill-ins if you are afraid you might overdo your brows.
  7. For more shape, use an eyebrow pencil instead.

With nicely groomed eyebrows, you will definitely look fresher!

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