Friday, July 17, 2009

5 essential makeup brushes

Brushes are good for blending and distributing color evenly over the face, which is essential for creating a finished look.

1. Loose Powder Brush - for light, even dusting of loose powder over your face, use a fluffy powder brush which is shaped to pick up just the right amount of powder. Use this to set your foundation. Alternatively,use this brush to dust bronzer all over your face for a warm glow.
2. Blush Brush - sweep blush on using a brush with a slanted head so that colour is deposited precisely on the cheekbones. This will help scuplt your cheeks. Such a brush may also be used to contour the face in areas such as the jawline.
3. Eyeshadow Brush - Use a brush with a small compact head and rounded edges to apply eyeshadow as this type of brush will deposit colour all over the eye socket without leaving a harsh line. It can also be used to apply highlight to the brow bones as well as define the inner corner of the eyelids.
4. Eyeliner Brush - Use an eyeliner brush with a thin, flat head so that you can create a fine line on your lash line. The easiest way to apply gel eyeliner with this brush is to start from the inner corner of the lashline then dab outwards to the outer corner.
5. Lip Brush - compared to just smearing on lipstick or gloss from the tube, using a lip brush will allow for more precise application to define your lip shape. A brush will also deliever more colour to make your lips pop, while allowing for longer lasing colour.

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