Monday, June 22, 2009

RMK's tips

By Toru Kobayashi

1) Four-step routine before going outdoors
Slather on sunscreen, apply makeup base, give your lashes a coat of mascara and draw your eyebrows. This routine should not take more than 8 minutes to complete.
The makeup base evens out your complexion and gives you a good canvas on which to build your makeup later, shaping your brows defines and sharpens the contours of your face, and mascara opens up your peepers, which tend to be puffy in the morning.

2) Four Must-Haves
i- Foundation: this gives you a flawless finish
ii- Concealer: it hides dark eye circles and blemishes and helps you look fresh even if you have no foundation on,
iii- Lipgloss: the tint adds colour to your face and the shine gives it a fresh dewy appearance.
iv- Eyeshadow: opt for 1 with a shimmer effect that will highlight your eyes and brighten up your face

3) Golden Rule
Less is more. Do not play up more than 2 features. e.g. you could make your lips and eyes the focus with stronger hues, but keep the cheeks natural. Also do not use more than 3 shades on the entire face unless you are a professional.

Hope these tips by RMK's makeup artist are useful to you girls out there... =)

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