Friday, May 1, 2009

Kevin Chou's Tips

Hey girls, I chance upon this article in Urban today and I feel i should share. They are tips by Make-Up Guru Kevin Chou of Taiwan. Hope you enjoy reading it. =)
  • Putting a few drops of eyedrop solution on a cotton bud and dab at inflamed pimples can help minimise the redness
  • Use products with light-reflecting particles (shimmering) to highlight the centre of your face (T-zone/cheekbones). This will give a contouring effect and help achieve the look of healthy, glowing skin
  • Blush from mineral make-up lines will always have earthy tones, if blush in hot pink or pastel is touted as mineral makeup, chances are it is not.
  • For Asians, always curl your lashes before applying mascara. Holding the brush horixontally, apply mascara to the roots of your lashes first and let the coat dry. This props up the lashes and prevents smudging.
  • Wait for mascara smudges to dry before cleaning the mass as it becomes powdery after it is dried, which makes it easier to lift off the skin with cotton bud without smearing.
  • Many Asians have inner double eyelids, making eyeliner disappear unless you draw a very thick line. Doing that will make your eyes look smaller, so just stick to mascara.
The confidence that comes from having good make-up, is something every woman should enjoy as a part of your everyday life.

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